Said of parts that would be expected to grow as gravity pulls, but instead grow upward, such as the knee roots of cypress.

24/hour interactive soundwalk/broadcast
2007 – Conflux Festival, Brooklyn NY

A solitary walk and experimental transmission 

An interactive “labyrinth” - more delightful and exploratory than deliberative. The hope is to slowly remind the participant of the elements outside our daily events, of the things that are  easy to forget - illogical things, impractical things. The intention is to induce participants to become open to these quiet, hidden parts of their surroundings."

The foundational inspiration for this piece comes from research on the history of a neighborhood that borders Brooklyn and Queens in NYC. I came upon the idea for the structure of the piece and its respective sounds after a walk in one of my favorite locations, when I discovered many old trees uprooted by an intense storm that happened the previous night.

The area is composed of a miles-long cluster of connected cemeteries, all quite high in comparison to Manhattan, allowing for a feeling of a broad horizon.

There were many old, semi-abandoned areas of these public spaces with knotted pear trees, flowering vines, and very, very old cypress. 

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